Sacha Joseph - visual communication
Nice to meet you
Sacha Joseph (1964)
1985 - 1991 Total Identity - Amsterdam
1991 - 1996 Design Connection - Amsterdam
1996 - 1997 Keja Donia - Amsterdam
1997 - 2002 Cascade - Amsterdam
2002 -> Sacha Joseph
visual communication
Sacha Joseph
Photography: Ingmar Timmer

Sacha Joseph is a designer with a twist – Enthusiastic about the content, the form and the message. Smart and intelligent. Pragmatic. Understands the trends. Experienced graphic designer. Loves typography! A good listener and advisor. Explains and consults. Quality first. Client satisfaction. Strong communication skills. Success through dialogue. International in perspective.

A 'no-nonsense' approach.

Perceptive. Committed. Delivers.

Visual Communication - Design, advice, art direction, logos, house styles, books, magazines.

No form without substance – It is not only about the logo.

The complete package: from concept through to end production.

Corporate, retail, large and small businesses, charities, individuals.

Communicate messages through design - Constant renewal, believes in uncomplicated communication. The devil is in the detail. Many elements go into design – communicative, original, distinctive, perceptive, playful and attractive. Design projects often reflect the need for change. Evolution. Transition. Involvement.

The only constant is change.

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